Our exhaustive suite of services includes insights and tactical solutions that deliver results to help your organisation achieve accelerated and over time, sustained growth. This is a holistic combination of creative and analytic strategies to drive innovation in product development and customer experience.

  1. Business envisioning and strategic operating plans.
    • Business models, financial planning and budget regulation.
  2. Exclusive modern trade and channel strategies.
    • Policies, processes, training content.
  3. Multi-franchising business models.
  4. Customer acquisition, retention and loyalty.
  5. Mobile technologies and business growth opportunities.
  6. Customised strategies for business process outsourcing:
    • Capacity plans for transition management and contracting.
  7. Key account management capability building.
    • Models, process guidelines, capability assessments.
  8. Best practices in sales management.
  9. Retail strategies:
    • Coverage plans, store design, management practices, policies.
  10. Leadership mentoring, coaching and counseling programs.
  11. Succession planning and capacity building programs.
  12. Marketing function resourcing, skill mapping and strategic outsourcing.
  13. Partner identification and contracting.
  14. Complete analysis of the Industry or a particular sector and research for market or product entry.
  15. Service delivery models.
  16. Customer experience management.
    • Drivers, performance measures, and delivery models.
  17. Thorough go-to-market plans for product or service.
  18. Front-end training for negotiation skills, customer handling and selling skills.